As an instructor, my goals include demonstrating the utility of thinking sociologically, developing students’ ability to evaluate and use evidence, and fostering an interest in the interrelationship between the student and the society in which they live. My classes blend multi-media lectures with  in-class activities, small group discussions, and periods of individual reflection, all of which help students connect abstract concepts to concrete experiences and make clear the every-day relevance of the material.

I also facilitate student learning by providing many opportunities for success. Small, frequent assignments ensure that students can apply what they are learning, receive feedback often, and make the occasional mistake without serious consequence to their grade. And, by evaluating a student’s mastery of the material through participation in discussion, written work, and exams that utilize multiple choice and short answer questions, students with varied skills have the ability to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts. This approach also helps to reduce student’s worry over their academic standing throughout the term.

For more information about courses that I have taught, please see my sample syllabi and course descriptions. For copies of course evaluations, please contact me.