As an instructor, my goals include demonstrating the utility of thinking sociologically, developing students’ ability to evaluate and use evidence, and fostering an interest in the interrelationship between the student and the society in which they live. My classes blend multi-media lectures with  in-class activities, small group discussions, and periods of individual reflection, all of which help students connect abstract concepts to concrete experiences and make clear the every-day relevance of the material. For more specific details about courses taught, please see the sample syllabi below.

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Sociology (90 seat lecture at Emory University)

Individual and Society (40 seat lecture at Emory University)

Social Identities and Interaction in Everyday Life (Cornell University) …coming soon.

Graduate Courses

Graduate Seminar: Structural Aspects of Interaction (Emory University)

Graduate Seminar: Culture and Interaction in Organizations (Emory University)